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New Caladore

Since you entered the mists you've crawled, marched, snuck - and on a few occasions - sprinted for your survival and sanity. The long journey across Tyrra finally brought you to the mists...the very mists that swallowed the Kingdom of DragonReach so long ago. The maps of the Kingdom of Evendarr (DragonReach being a vassal kingdom to Evendarr) only show a blank space where DragonReach once was. The strange tales from the few that entered and returned bring you great trepidation, but enter you must and stumbling you plod on. Following the sounds of a faint squeek you see an old, weatherbeaten sign with more than a few chunks taken out of it from what looks like an axe. The sign you saw everytime you closed your eyes to meditate...that haunted your dreams when you went to sleep wondering where to turn next in life...that appeared in the vision granted you when you asked guidance from the seer. The Caladore of old? No, not realizing that the mists have thinned and even lifted in some places along your trail, you see buildings with new additions and freshly white-washed. A 'New' Caladore? A land filled with dangers, old and new, and rich opportunities brought back from it's long slumber.

"Well done for making it." A tall, bright looking man booms out as he leans on a wicked looking spear. "Not all that entered the mists make it here, but the mists seem to be releasing their grasp upon this region."

Is this the place you'll finally settle? Finally, a place to call home? Perhaps, to visit? Though for many the danger has proven too much, as testified by the apparel that hangs upon a wall in the tavern - tabards or other mementos of fallen adventurers and heroes. So come, and pray your proudest possession never finds cause to join those already here.

Hello, and welcome to Nero Kalamazoo. NERO is a nation-wide multi-chapter Live Action Role-Playing Game with a unified rules system and a very large player base Allowing many players a heavy immersion event that is nearly impossible to recreate in smaller games. Nero Kzoo is based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan and run by a team of experienced GMs who have more than a couple decades amongst them running LARP events, both in the NERO system and other fantasy and non-fantasy settings.

Nero Kzoo currently runs out of Camp Merrie Woode in Plainwell, MI. We'll be running events across a whole range of fantasy styles and themes. Dark fantasy, horror, high fantasy, the odd adventure; our dedicated plot team at NERO Kzoo is working to provide for you with a memorable experience and maybe a story you can bring back to your friends.

We run events throughout the year and look forward to seeing you out at one of them. Thanks very much for checking us out and welcome to Nero Kzoo.

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